Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Arrives

It is hard to believe we came home on Monday. Sunday, we did another tour of Anchorage and then drove to Whittier. It was a wonderful trip. The town of Whittier is exactly what you imagine a seaside Alaskan village to be like. It was foggy and boats were out in the water. It was very poetic. We had to drive through the continent's longest tunnel to get there. It was a unique experience.

We started our day by seeing a black bear cub and ended the evening with a moose and calf sighting. It was a great day.

After traveling all day Monday, my body decided Tuesday was a day of rest and I slept in late and went to bed early. We had school in-service Thursday and next week the school year starts.

I leave you with these memories of Alaska.

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