Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Evening

Today, we had orientation at Graceworks Ministries, what an awesome ministry. There are five teams here this week, working in five different neighborhoods. The ministry is very organized, we are all color coded (we are yellow), vans are named (bear van), and neighborhood hosts are assigned to each team. They have really planned how to best use their time and talents.

We worked in Penland park today in a 450 site trailer court. Very inner city, exactly what you imagine in this type of facility. There is a great diversity in the area, both in people groups and family makeup. We had 25+ kids at the park. We are feeding them lunch (federal lunch program) and after lunch we have two hours planned to love on these kids. It is a very young group of kids at the park, ages 3 - 12 with the majority in the 3 - 7 age range. We will have a family night on Thursday.

It was a great day, we had several of the children asking great questions and showing amazing knowledge, someone at home is really pouring into them. After we had our team time, two of the kids met with Phil and a group and had more questions. He walked them through salvation and Jesus' love and they accepted Christ!! Great afternoon.

We followed that with a nice team worship time before dinner and we are about to have devotions. For those of you looking for awesome Alaska photos, sorry! 1) we've been asked to wait a little while before taking pictures with the kids and 2) it is cloudy and you can barely see the awesome mountains surrounding Anchorage.

I leave you with this prayer request for Tuesday. Pray for the children to return, for our team to be unified and very specific in actions, continued ministry to the area, this area to fall in love with Jesus!

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