Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Missing Me?

Oh dear blog, I'm sorry to be neglectful. Part of my neglect comes from knowing no one reads you. :( that's ok, I knew that when I started writing that this was for a limited audience.

The other part is that my school year slammed me up against the wall and drained all my creative thought processes. I have knitted a few scarves and that has really been it for crafting.

Today, I start on a crib dust ruffle for a sweet new family addition. I purchased a ruffler for my machine and I've been very hesitant to start the project. I'm afraid I will really make a mess.

I've also started a new cross stitch piece - Turkey Love by Plum Street Sampler. Can't wait to see it finished.

Well little blog, I'm off to get busy and I'll leave with this closing photo of my last quilt finish.

Location:Malone St,Brush Creek,United States