Monday, July 25, 2011

The End - Bye Harry

I went to see the last Harry Potter movie today. Sis and I splurged for 3D IMAX and it did not disappoint. Of course it was a different take than the book, but I expected it to be different. In preparation I've been retracing the series. I'm on book six. My trip to Alaska came mid-read.

I am sorry to see Harry all grown up.

On the photo front, the assignment this week was to do a diptych. I naturally drew a blank and had to call sister for artistic pump priming. She helped a lot. I took one set today that I liked and hope to do another tomorrow. As I look at the pics up close I realize the focus could have been a little sharper. Also, no matter how much delinting I did, lovely cat fibers still show up on the black velvet.

Blogger still doesn't like to upload my pics. Will try from different computer tomorrow.

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