Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday - Rain Day

An awesome day today!!! We started with a great breakfast of pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup and fresh fruit - yumm! From there to chapel where Phil brought the message about praying and listening to God's voice.

From chapel we went to a local church to help in their food bank. They were in great need of volunteers and were very appreciative of the help. Several team members worked with the clients by helping them shop and making them feel welcome/loved on. Just talking, asking for prayer requests and asking them to come to church on Sunday. The rest of the team worked keeping the shopping carts prepared with bags and boxes broken down and out of the way. It was a great morning and we may work there again tomorrow, helping unload and organize a shipment.

We headed out for lunch and realized our lunches had been left at the home church! Ooops! so we headed to a nearby Subway/Burger King and had lunch. While eating lunch, the rain began. Luckily it was a soft rain. We headed to the park and prepared canopy/tents for lunch. After the kids ate lunch, we play lots of Ninja and freeze tag. We played for almost two hours and took time to look for a lost coin and share the parable of the lost coin! It was great. Kids came and went - it was cold as the rain fell, but we were pleased with who the Lord brought to us and the one on one time we could have with the kiddos.

After the park, we came back to the church, had a brief rest and then an amazing dinner. The wonderful cooks prepared salmon (smoked, grilled and blackened), halibut (baked and fried), coleslaw!, and hush puppies (regular and jalapeno). It was delicious and the first time I've ever liked salmon. So thankful for this awesome team that volunteers to staff the kitchen!!

After dinner, several team members headed out for a three mile hike, Phil and Andy are roughing in a door frame here at the church (the church is installing all new outer doors), and some of us are having down time. Daily team devotions and team debrief to come!

Photos later - blogger really isn't liking my connection

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