Tuesday, June 2, 2015

KAL Update

just a little knitting update

Sometimes I really don't like working on my iPad or on blogger. They often don't play nice together. I'm having trouble loading photos. So we'll see if these work.

As you can see I've been knitting on my Piper's Journey and it is blocking now. It has been very cool here in TN and it has taken a little while for this shawl to dry. I finished it and it counts towards the Knit Girllls Stash Dash 2015 KAL and the Around Your Neck KAL in the Suburban Stitcher group.

I also got very creative this week and ordered my own custom designed labels for my project bags. I used Winchester Lambourne on Etsy to design my label and I purchased labels from Ananemone. I am so excited to about them. I am waiting on delivery before I start making a few more project bags.

This a my Pebble Beach Shawl. It's had very little knitting because I've been focused on my Yowza Shawl.

The Yowza Shawl is almost ready for the ruffle and bind off. 40 grams more to knit before I begin that part of the shawl.

That's my Update. ;)