Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Plans

My goal for the summer (while not in school) was to work on several quilting projects. I did start on my sister's t-shirt quilt and have half the blocks sashed. I did very little cross stitching.

Today, I decided to watch a couple of older Fons and Porter episodes. I became inspired to start a project I've had planned for ages.

 I had all of the materials to do a few notebook covers. I have had this project ready to go for over a year. I decided it was time to get started.

I cut out all of the pieces. It is a very simple cover, you need a piece of quilted fabric cut to wrap around the notebook you choose. A couple of pieces to hold the notebook in place and an optional pocket for pens or as a catch all.

I cut all the pieces and then cut binding strips. I wanted the project to go quickly, so I machine stitched the binding to the front and back, adding a decorative stitch for the front of the piece. I'm not sure I will do that when binding of the entire piece. Next, I sewed the small pieces that hold the back of the notebook in place. I'm sewing four covers at once. So I stopped after turning the last strip inside out.

I still need to sew the pieces together and add the binding. But that will wait until Monday. I need to purchase some large buttons for the flap and I want to try to find some darker velcro for the closing. 

I realized that I needed to photograph my progress while I was sewing along. It is great practice for my photography class. I'm pleased to say I shot the entire time in manual mode. A big accomplishment for me. 

Not that every shot was good, by no means, some were really bad. But I'm learning from my mistakes. Mistake #1 is not wearing my glasses and having the diopter set for corrected vision! LOL Several of my photos were blurry because of that.

Asher decided to come and watch my progress.


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