Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Break

This week is a week of rest! I'm planning on stitching and reading. I've loaded my iPad with lots of ebooks from the library. I have plenty to stitch and way too many things started. None are in the near finish stage but I am picking up me needle and hopefully making progress.

My stitching companion is waiting.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome Fall Break

I realize no one is ready my blog, but that is ok! I don't have but a few sweet followers and friends who check the blog out when I post to Facebook.

I'm am welcoming a break in the school calendar. The students and faculties are so ready! This year feels stressful for many of my educator friends in Tennessee. The new evaluation system seems to have so many stressed and ready to give up on educating our future. I hope they can work their way through this latest attack on our profession.

I'm planning on spending my break quilting, stitching and doing needlework on my sweet friend Keisha's bridal veil.  She is getting married next weekend and I'm so excited for her and her fiance. I don't know how my friend Cindy (her mom) has made it through this year, all four children have added spouses!

I've also jumped off the deep end in a new area of my life. I've become a Scentsy consultant. I have a long background in retail and I love sales. I saw the warmer on Plumstreet Samplers and knew it was something I'd love to have in my home. I had my first party this week!  Big shout out to my friend Leigh who hosted for me. We had a lot of fun and sniffed a lot of fragrances. If you want to try it out, check out my Scentsy page.

Last, please pray for my worship leader Jimmy and his sweet wife Kim. They are expecting little Ruthie in the next few days and we are asking God to work miracles in Ruthie's life. She has a health issue and as a result is being born at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. God has worked major miracles in her life already and we know He has more planned!

In His hands,