Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday - Warfare

Today started out a little on the down side. After a great breakfast and chapel, we found out that the ship hadn't arrived for the food bank. We had a back up plan of working at the park, mowing and weed-eating the area where we serve lunch and the park that has been recently reclaimed from nature.

The service work went very quickly but it didn't feel like we had accomplished a lot. The ladies went and ran team errands and we were finished very early. We left the park and had our lunch in the mall next to the park. The mall is very empty, lots of empty store fronts, very depressing. After lunch we decided to drive through the park and pray over the trailer court.

I think several of team members felt the spiritual warfare that was taking place. My heart broke as child after child darted in the road or played in the dirt and NO one was watching out for these babies. Tiny little people left unattended and it seemed like they were so unloved. I just started praying and inwardly weeping.

Phil drove us back to the park, freshly mowed, called the team to prayer and then sent us out for personal prayer and quiet. All I could do was weep as I prayed. I felt such battle taking place over this area. I called on My God to do victory and work through our team and those to come.

We left the prayer time and headed to feed lunch to the park children. We expected more kids because the sun/Son had come out and it was time to win some hearts. We ran out of lunches and had more kids show up after lunch was over. We played intentional games and after the games Chris led the kids in a time of bible study and discussed the parable of salt and light. It was awesome.

More kids showed up and the guys were wore out from all the playing, tickling and just intense conversations. I watched Robby grab four guys and just pour into them. Cary and Phil had several others and were just in intense conversations. Brittany and I talked with sweet little girls and just loved on them, told them Bible stories and just tried to explain how much God loved on them. Chris had a group of both girls and boys and we had NINE kids led to the Lord today!!!

The battle was fierce but God had victory. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

NO photos again, blogger hates my collection.

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