Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday - End of park experience

Thursday and Friday were big days for the mission teams. We ended our time with park parties. One we hosted and one we served as cooks and clean up!

But we started each day with a time to run team errands. We had completed all of our in-park service projects and the ship hadn't arrived for the food bank. So we spent Thursday getting team pictures printed and while running into the stores, team members made a great decision. They decided to bless the children in our park with backpacks.

It was great fun, they purchased backpacks, pencil boxes, markers, and notebooks. We filled the boxes with candy, gum, and our team picture. We took the two mornings to purchase the items and then prepare the backpacks.

On Thursday afternoon we had our park time and we just loved on the kids. We saw new faces and had a great time just loving on the kids. That night we had our park party. It involved a bouncy house, hair paint and hot dogs. Needless to say, the kids had a blast. One of the teams here came and did drama skits, a great time was had by all.

Friday afternoon, we had a small turn out. We got to visit with most of our regular kids and we just spent the day giving out lunches and hanging out. The sun was out and you can tell the kids aren't used to warm 70+ degree days. They loved to stay in the shade. We had a great time handing out backpacks and talking to the kids for the last time but it was bittersweet. But we know the next team will have an awesome time with these kids.

We spent the evening on kitchen duty and serving at another teams block party. It was near our park and the make up of kids was a lot different. This area had a lot of Laotian immigrants and their turn out was huge. We cooked over 150 hot dogs and there wasn't a hot dog left when we packed up.

Team devotions and prayer times have been awesome and tomorrow we pack and leave Graceworks. We will have a fun day going to a glacier and having lunch at a wilderness park with all the mission teams.

Our team is tired but still ready to face the day! Can't wait to see God's creation tomorrow.

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