Monday, February 6, 2017

Poor Little Blog

I haven't forgotten this blog exists. I'm just a horrible blogger. (:

Knitting update for 2016 - 7,036 meters in 22 projects

Quilting - not one quilt quilted and this makes me sad

Sewing - unfortunately I didn't count the number of project bags I made in 2016 but I'm guessing 10+ bags and 5+ needle minders

Reading - I read 39 books, nine were repeated books 

Reading stats were really low, I've already read ten books in 2017 and read two books 1/3 through before deciding I wasn't interested enough to finish them. I'm hoping I will continue on this reading kick throughout 2017 because I've really missed reading for pleasure.

I've currently have three knitting projects on the needles, two pair of socks and a set of knitted knockers (breast prosthetics for cancer patients). I have a goal of twelve pair of knockers for 2017. This summer I will be attending SSK in Nashville and I'm looking forward to meeting lots of knitters. I've been attending the Cookeville Sock Club for over a year and have really enjoyed getting to know these ladies. I hope to be able to go to a Thursday night meeting soon.

Kitties are doing well and are waiting patiently for me to get off the computer and give them some cuddles.

Pray all is well with all who read this.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Five Year Anniversary Post

Five short years ago I was headed to Alaska on a mission trip. It was a fantastic trip and I enjoyed every minute. I was just telling sister last night that I'd like to go back and spend time traveling to Denali.

This blog has become a place to share my stitching, quilting and knitting. Occasionally I share a few sentiments. Over the past year I have turned the news off for 85% or more of my media time. I typically watch it for the weather and then turn it off. The news media in my opinion is extreme drama and exaggeration. When I see videos from social media presented as news, I'm totally unimpressed and I devalue that news show credibility.

That said I can't help but hear the news and the horrible things that have happened in the world the past weeks. I'm saddened at the loss of lives and destruction that has taken place. I have nothing wise or helpful to say. My thought is I'm blessed to know where my help comes from and to have a relationship with My Savior Jesus.

My sister says I use that phrase too much "blessed or bless it" and I do use it a lot. I do know the meaning of being blessed and I mean it sincerely. I've had frequent prayer time with the Lord and it is our private code. He understands what I mean.

So I'll close this post that was started as a celebration and took a turn to more somber sentiments by saying:
     Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Socks Are Wonderful

I'm loving my summer of socks. I've actually finished two pair and I'm through the heel of the first sock/third pair. I've learned the OMG Heel - One-needle Mock Gusset. I like the heel so far. I've only worn them around the house.

 I am sorry for photo placement. I can't get blogger to lay them out in any other manner. :(

I'm now learning the Fish Lips Kiss heel and I've knit the first sock and I loved how it fit when I tried it on.

I'm working to finish my Drachenfel before I start another shawl. I'm doing Stash Dash again this year and I really want to pull two other projects out of hibernation and get them finished. We'll see how that goes.

Summer has started off well and I have a professional development tomorrow and a two day workshop next week. I'm looking forward to both and hope to learn a lot.

My 2016 reading challenge is a little slow. I've clicked off several parts of the challenge. I've read two books published this year, a book I previously started (several of those actually) and reread a book (more than one actually).

I've planned several books to fill in the other gaps. I plan to read Grapes of Wrath for my banned book, To Kill a Mockingbird as a book suggested by my BFF, and Anne of Green Gables as the book published before I was born. Several books would fulfill multiple categories but I want to read as many books as possible. It is a reading more challenge. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Summer of Socks

Last year I had a summer of shawls. I did a personal Stash Dash (via the Knit Girllls) and knit 3000 meters of yarn with the majority being used in shawls. I wasn't going to try to Stash Dash again, but if I complete the projects on my needles I can easily obtain that goal. Last summer I was casting on almost entirely new projects.

I am planning on participating in Little Skein's Sock School. I purchased two skeins of the Sock School's ode to Pippi Longstocking yarn. One speckled skein from Highland Handmade and a striped skein from Must Stash. I was actually able to order when the presales went up. I've never been able to catch an update from either store. Cast on day is May 15.

I'm also participating in Must Stash's Droid Wars. I was able to get a pre-order of "The Droids You Are Looking For" companion set which included 2 skeins 50g each of different colorways representing R2-D2 and C-3PO. We cast on May 4th.

I've also been working on Hermione's Everyday Socks as my softball park knitting. I had an OMG heel put in (One needle Mini Gusset) and I put it in 1/2 inch too short. So I've ripped it back and planning on putting it in again today. I need to work on the leg tomorrow while we are playing.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Catching Up

Once again, I have let time slip away. I've been working, knitting and sewing. No quilting has been done. It's been a fast moving spring and summer is almost here. School is over in a month!

We are in the middle of state testing and my students are so ready for it to all be over. We are all suffering from spring fever.

I've been knitting away and have finished several pairs of socks and another Weigh It Shawl. I haven't blocked the shawl, so no photos. I have started a special pair I work on when I watch GHS Softball! It is a great yarn I picked up at Stitches South from Twisted Owl Fiber Studio. It has splashes of royal blue along with my favorite beach colors.

I made this lovely bag from scraps I had left over from the house quilt and I have several more half squares I plan on making into bags or more needle cozies.

 I've also dabbled in making stitch markers and I'm very happy with the way these turned out. I need more beads. The ones I purchased do not have consistent hole sizes and I had done my research on what types/sizes to purchase for markers.  These are some of the lovely socks I've been knitting. I've purchased my first yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks and I love her yarn! 

 This is a lovely skein of Star Wars complimentary yarn from Must Stash Yarns. Droid Wars socks will be cast on May 4th. As you can see, it is kitty approved. The last photo is some of the yarny goodness I purchased at Stitches South. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snow Pictures

Here are some of the pictures of the snow in my neighborhood.


On the right of this photo, behind the building, between the second light pole and the tree is the road to my house. It looks like the snow covered hill. Very little traffic went up the hill. Again, love my 4wd SUV.

Snow Days

Before the snow, I had fun at our local sock club. We meet the third Saturday of the month at Dunkin Donuts and have a wonderful sit and knit. This is a pic of the assortment of project bags that were on the table in January.

We had a wonderful 9" snowfall at the end of last week and this was after a brief icy snowfall on Wednesday. We've been out of school for 7 days. Even though my roads were clear Monday night, county roads were still iced over three days later. It was one of those winter wonderland snows and I enjoyed watching it snow all day long. The snow and ice did cause us to miss one night of the Redeemed taping. I can't wait for the bible study to come out. I know it will be wonderful.

My church has an always open policy and I was slotted for media team on Sunday. They decided to have the later service so I had plenty of time to drive in. I left extra early because I wasn't sure of the road conditions. There was a freezing fog that morning and it was gorgeous to look at but not quite fun to drive in. Once I was on the state highway all of the roads were clear. Driving down the interstate was just amazing. The trees were absolutely gorgeous.

Lots of volunteers and staff had come to campus on Saturday and cleared the south parking lot. The road leading to the church was completely clear of snow. The city road leading to the church campus was icy but I had no trouble getting to church. It was the first time I had ever put my car in 4wd and I have to say I'm very proud of how well my Nissan Rogue did on the iced and snowy roads.

While I've been off for the snow, I've done lots of knitting. I finished a pixie hat for the new fairy grandbaby, made my sister a new hat, made a pair of baby mittens, started a new pair of socks and started the Yowza Weigh It Shawl in Miss Babs Perfectly Wreckless colorway. My hands are wrists are a little tired from all of the knitting. But that's ok. Here a few pictures of my accomplishments.