Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer's Over

Or so it seems. Teachers in my county have had two complete days of inservice. Tomorrow, we have an administrative day which means we get some time to spend in our rooms prepping for the new year.

We will get schedules and student rosters tomorrow. This will give us some specific prep time. I received my textbooks today for one class. I have already started pulling materials. I know that sounds a little slow, but I've never taught this class and had no idea how the text fit into the curriculum standards.

I have a new photography class assignment and I hope to be able to take some pictures at school depicting the first day of school. It will be a "day in the life of" study. I'm looking forward to the photo shoot.

I will be teaching 8th grade US History and several more classes. I'm looking forward to next week when students start.


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