Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful for Treasures

Today, my sweet sister and her hubby came and put in a new water heater for me. It is so nice having a new member of the family!

While he did all the hard work, Carm and I started going through mom's trunk of pictures. Something I haven't done and still have problems doing alone. But as we were going through pictures, Carm ran across a small plastic bag with some of dad's work ID's in it. When I opened it to take a look, there were three of dad's and then I found mine. Old high school ID's, college ID's, driver's licenses, hidden treasures I didn't know existed. 

I immediately teared up, Sis said "Don't" so I sucked it up! LOL But I'm so happy my mom saved these. I'm thinking a shadow box or something like that to put them in. I have a note mom wrote and dropped in the mail that says simply "I love you" I think I'll add it.

I am truly blessed!

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