Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful Day Three

Today, I'm thankful for a warm home. It has turned chilly here in Tennessee. I have the heat on, but I leave it low at night and during the work day. I came home today and was quite chilled. But I know I'm very lucky to be able to turn my thermostat up or pull on extra clothes or crawl under a quilt.

I follow several Compassion bloggers (Kelly Stamps - Kelly's Corner, Amanda Jones - Baby Bangs, and Shaun Groves - The NEW Shaun Groves). I started following them as individuals and then they went on a trip to Guatemala for Compassion. Guatemala has had my heart since my first trip in 1995 and it is where my Compassion child lives. On this trip they are headed to Ecuador.

They will be touring the country and several of them will have the opportunity to meet their sponsored child. Many of these children would not have a warm home, food, shelter and other things if it weren't for Compassion and people like you and me who sponsor them.

So for this I'm thankful for a warm home, not only mine but theirs and Juana's.

Have a blessed day,

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