Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful Day Four

I am thankful that I have company when I come home. These two are constant entertainment.
Puff is quite the lounger, she does not like to cuddle or keep you company. But she must be in the same room, she is very nosy. Asher loves to sit in your lap and watch what you are doing. He started this after Sam (mom's Rat Terrier) passed away. Sam was very much the lap dog.

Every evening they do the equivalent of the Basset 500, racing through the house chasing each other. They roughhouse and tumble and you often hear Puff squeal Uncle when Asher has her pinned down. He is very serious about winning.

Right now, there is a bird in the crepe myrtle bush outside the dining room window. Puff is on the attack and very seriously stalking the bird from window to window. Always something going on and I'm thankful for the company. Single life can feel very lonely sometimes.

Have a blessed day,

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