Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quilt Caddy

I decided I wanted to do something crafty today. As I was going through Bloglovin', one of the bloggers I follow posted a little machine quilt she had made out of orphan blocks. I've been wanting to make a caddy for machine for quite some time. So I Googled quilt caddies and looked on Pinterest. I found lots of tutorials and one suggested using two fat quarters and simply turning the end up for the pockets.

So I measured my machine to see if fat quarters would be wide enough. My machine is only 16" wide, so a fat quarter would be perfect.

After my quilt room reorganization, finding batting scraps was oh so easy! But naturally, none of the scraps fit. Some were the size needed for baby quilts, so I didn't want to cut into those and this one was just a wee bit short. It was also long, so I thought I'd pull a Bonnie Hunter and piece my batting. Then I remembered I'd be cutting the width to make the pocket and this piece was just right. I cut off the length and use it for the pocket batting. 

Next I decided I really wanted to quilt the entire caddy. I've not done any machine quilting for quite some time and I really haven't done any cross hatch quilting because it looks so boring. But I decided this was a great practice piece and I drew my lines 1" apart and away I went.

Really don't like how Blogger lays out photos!! So I'm trying a new editor.
After cross hatching, I decided the pocket needed to be
different, so I drew horizontal lines and quilted it. I knew I wanted to be finished today, so I machine sewed the binding front and back. I don't really like the look on the back. I won't be using this method on a quilt.

Final product  - Love It!

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