Saturday, January 4, 2014

Journal - January 4

Today, I decided to take apart a hat I knit. I didn't like the fit. Then I searched Ravelry and found a pattern I liked - The Bowler. I knit the hat in around four hours, I'm a slow knitter and it probably would have taken a faster knitter two hours to stitch the 30 or so rows. I extended the hat just a little and it was a tight fit. So I blocked it and hopefully it will be a little bigger when it dries.

I also made a large pot of veggie soup and cornbread. The kitties have laid beside me all day, it's very cold and we are expecting a couple of inches of snow tomorrow evening. Monday the high is supposed to be around 7, very cold for TN. Teachers are supposed to go back to work Monday, but we will have to see what the weather holds for us. The weathermen can't make up their mind on anything but the cold.

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