Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter break

I'm so enjoying this break. I was ready to have time off. It is hard getting adjusted to new holiday schedules. Sister has this week off and we spent some time doing last minute shopping and having lunch.

I didn't think I'd miss going to Florida as much as I do. I miss going to Tallahassee and doing the day after Christmas shopping. I miss taking a day and going to sit on the beach and reading, just soaking in the ocean sounds. But most of all I miss mom and dad and that really says it all!

The kitties and I have been taking it easy, just hanging out. Today they had an adventure and investigated the garage. Had they not knocked things over, I'd never have caught them out there. Puff did come in wearing the evidence in her whiskers. That was all the excitement we could stand today. :)

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