Thursday, December 1, 2011


I've been away from my classroom the past two days. I have been at a technology conference. I have learned about newer "hotter" geeky things. I am amazed at the levels of knowledge people come with to a technology conference. I guess I expect very knowledgable people only to come.

By knowledgable, I mean those who know tech stuff doesn't always work. Also I expect teachers to act better than students when things go wrong. I don't expect interruptions and pouting when they don't follow directions and then can't do what what is being modeled for them.

I really enjoy presenters who gather information during their session and immediately share it. When they are eager to jump on a new idea or look at a new way of using something and aren't afraid of openly learning with their audience.

I love to learn. I expect educators at a conference on education to love it as well. I want enthusiasm and eagerness. I want to be recharged and to come back to my classroom with lots of ideas for my students to learn and share.

So far it has been a great conference and I look forward to the last day kid sessions.

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