Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Spirit Pt 2

I've gotten there!  LOL my Interact kiddos came over and I put on the holiday music and Christmas spirit arrived. We had a nice time, they came and talked and talked. I love the randomness of their conversations. Dinner was a meal of lasagna and bread sticks. We played a quick game of Dirty Santa and then they went home. The house seemed empty and quiet then.

The kitties are getting used to having company. Asher actually came out and participated with the festivities. Puff continued to be a shy girl and stayed in the bedroom, but she at least stayed on top of the bed and not hidden underneath. I felt so blessed when I purchased my house. I knew I was supposed to use it as a place for bible study, to have my students over, and have a strong Christian influence in the lives of others.

I am such a clutterbug, that I often let that stop me from having friends over. That has to stop!!! I've made great improvements in that since moving over a year ago. But have a long way to go, two rooms are still disasters and my goal over Christmas break is to get one of them under control. I love the FlyLady technique and hope to put it into place again. It really does work!

Off to put the Christmas music on again and may wrap a few presents!

Merry Christmas!

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