Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekend Pleasures

I really enjoy the weekend. School has started for the teachers in my county and students will return Monday. So I'm cherishing this weekend.

Today, I'm doing laundry and planning a day of stitching. I have a goal of taking the border off two quilts (wee size) and working on redoing them on Monday (a half day for students and teachers). Quilting on Monday will check those items off my summer to do list and be an official ending to that list. Not everything was finished. I will put those items on my list of things to do over several weekends.

Most weekends include a busy Sunday. I often run the media for my church and I'm at church by 7am and out at 12:45pm at our main campus. When I'm at the satellite I get to arrive a little later. If I have grocery shopping to do and want some variety of items, I will shop after church. My little grocery store just doesn't have a great variety of vegetables and fruit as well as other goods. Sam's Club is near church and I like to run in and stock up on bulk items every few months.

I also like to pick up simple things at Sam's like frozen broccoli and whipping cream. I love the broccoli and eat a lot in my lunch. For a quick lunch, I'll fill a container with broccoli and a frozen mesquite grilled chicken breast. They microwave in about the same time and are delicious.
Today in addition to stitching, I'm watching the humming birds at my feeders. A few weeks ago I put out a glass feeder. The birds really didn't like it and had a hard time drinking from it. It was pretty but not functional. So I moved another one to my porch and the birds loved it. Last week, I bought what I called the big gulp, a 32 oz feeder. I've had four birds flying around this morning as well as two wasp. It is time to put out fresh food. I'm really glad I put them on the porch, I can watch the birds until sunset or later every day.

Have an awesome weekend! Enjoy!

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