Saturday, August 31, 2013

Long Weekend

After my class last Saturday, I've made one more loaf of bread and today I have another rising. I plan on letting this be a recuperating weekend. School has worn me out! LOL But I am not complaining.

I plan on knitting - finishing my dish cloth, but I'm afraid I'm running out of yarn. It may not be totally square. Then I have printed out some small letters for an applique project. But I left them at work. I was showing them to a student and forgot to put them back in my laptop bag. So I may have to leave the house today and run to work to pick them up.

I'm going to applique on a t-shirt for dress down Fridays which are football game days. A co-worker purchased one from a local shop and I loved it, but I knew I could make one and choose my own fonts. Thanks to the Teacher Pay Teacher website, I have an abundance of fonts to choose from. The trick is not to get one that is too skinny. Our school colors are royal blue and white and I hope I have some bright colors in my stash. If not, I will have to wait until I make a trip to the quilt shop.

I also really need to run the vacuum and do come general household cleaning. But that wouldn't be any fun!!!

Have a great weekend.

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