Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Morning Sentiments

This summer break has started with lots of reading, computer time, and knitting. Which means I've been sitting on the couch or in a cushy chair. I have had a constant kitty companion. Asher has turned into a lap kitty.

I found Asher crying on my porch one Sunday morning. I think his mom lost him or disappeared. He was about four weeks old, just barely able to eat soaked kitten food. As he grew, he became a huge snapping cat. My mom kept telling me to be thankful I'd neutered him or he would be meaner. :)

He has really mellowed over the past two years. When the dogs passed away (old age), he transformed into the lap kitty and wants to be snuggled close. This morning I can't move without him following. He's watching me type right now and keeps trying to get his head petted. So sweet.

Have a happy Monday!

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