Friday, June 15, 2012

Day Three and Four

I did shoot on the appropriate days, I was so mad at myself I didn't post last night. More about that later.

Day Three - favorite shoes

Yes, I love Crocs and I had these on yesterday when I worked on the porch.

Day Four - Mother Nature Father Creator

I rarely have two lilies blooming at once. They don't last long and a third is poking its bud out of the water.

Back to being mad, I took a quick knitting lesson a couple of weeks ago. I finished the two face/spa/dish cloths and got very ambitious and started a scarf. I told my sister it was a shame I had expensive tastes no matter what my hobby. She said buy cheap.

I went to a local yarn shop, LYS, and was looking for a heavy yarn to start a scarf. Every skein I picked up was $20+. Because this is my first scarf, I know better than to spend $25 on a skein that will only be worn because its a gift and not because it is a pretty handmade scarf.

But I found a gorgeous silk in a my favorite colorway and decided the first scarf, with all it's flaws should be for me. I bought needles and proceeded to have almost 3.5 feet of scarf knitted when I realized I had some how turned the scarf and was now knitting the wrong side.

I unraveled six to eight inches of scarf last night. Luckily I figured out where to stop and put my needles in correctly. (that part wasn't taught in my class) Today I'm reknitting those unraveled inches, I'm on the phone with sis and Puff decides the shiny needles need to be played with. She's still giving me the innocent look. It took forever to get the needles and stitches in the right spot. I'm still not sure I have the stitches lined up correctly.

I'm just happy I picked a very forgiving open weave pattern. The next scarf is for sis, I hope she remembers she said go cheap. ;)

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