Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blessed Evening

I have the privilege of serving with Rising Above Ministries. The ministry serves families with special needs children. Jeff and Becky Davidson head the ministry and they have become dear friends. I left tonight reflecting on Jeff's message, Jesus searching my heart.

I serve as the media person, I put the verses, music and bible, on the big screens. Very easy job. But I get to worship with them once a month and I just feel so blessed every time I leave. I love getting to know the kiddos and the parents. I'm developing a much better understanding of the difficulties they face, but also I can see the blessings and actions of God.

I get to attend/work the retreats. Although, so far Jeff hasn't asked me to work the men's retreat :) he did have men working at the ladies. LOL I am attending the couples retreat. I'm sure I will be a little bit of an odd ball, but I know it will be a great weekend.

Just reflecting on a wonderful evening,
- Tracy

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