Friday, January 1, 2016

Reading Challenge

I don't normally do well with challenges, but I saw this one on Facebook and decided I liked it enough to try it.
 I'm a reader, a voracious reader. I laughed privately at some of the folks who talk about their reading goals on podcast, blogs or other social media. I know the book numbers seemed high for them, but I was like Pssh I read that many last month. That being said, the list for this challenge will by absolutely no means be the only books I read.

I also have a habit or rereading books. I reread Dee Henderson, JK Rowling and Dana Stabenow often not just annually. I tend to reread Dana's Shugak series more than her others, but I've reread Campbell's series several times and I currently have her science fiction series ready to go in my iPad. I'm not a science fiction fan, but I like her writing a lot.

My GoodReads books list really needs to be updated. I don't do a good job listing what I'm reading. I will go through two or three rounds of books from the library and never put them on any list. I may try to put all of my 2016 reads in this year because I'm curious as to how many books I read a year. I need to figure out how to put in books I'm rereading and how to tag books with a year read. I've been unsuccessful in getting books that I've stopped reading off my bookshelf in GoodReads. I've created a shelf that is just for that purpose, but apparently I have to also have the book on one of the default shelves.

I already have the first book from the challenge picked out. For some reason I started  Robert Galbraith's The Cuckoo's Calling when it was first published and when the news came out that it was actually JK Rowling, I stopped reading it. As I said, I reread her Harry Potter series every summer, it's usually how I start my summer break. But I really didn't like her first adult book The Casual Vacancy, it just had too much cursing in the first few chapters and I wasn't impressed at all.  I was afraid to continue with the book. But a friend who isn't a Rowling fan suggested I read what is now the series. She'd picked it up not knowing it was writing using a pseudonym. I am going to restart the book tomorrow.

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