Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Summer of KALs

Last summer seemed to be a quilting summer and I do have quilts planned for this summer. But I also have been planning my knitting.

I have a thing for shawls and thanks to a trip to Stitches South, I have some gorgeous yarn to knit . I purchased a really pretty plum to knit Balsam Hollow by Paula Emons-Fuessle. It is in Bugga by the Verdant Gryphon.

I'm currently putting the applied edging on Piper's Journey, also by Paula. It is out of  Lana Gatto Super Soft in a beautiful Lilac. I was hoping to finish this piece soon, but I am being sucked into knit alongs, particularly Stash Dash in the Knit Girllls group. I'm thinking of trying for the 3K this summer. The timing aligns perfectly with my summer. So I'll finish this shawl after May 22, the beginning of Stash Dash.

There are three other KALs that play nicely with Stash Dash, the Around Your Neck KAL with Suburban Stitcher, the Little House Pioneer Girl KAL with Little Skein in the Big Wool, and the Pebble Beach KAL with Paula Emons-Fuessle Knitting Pipeline. It is kind of like a pyramid with Stash Dash as the peak.

I have to purchase more needles to be able to knit all the things! But I hope to cast on my Pebble Beach this week, having also acquired yarn for this shawl at Stitches. :)

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