Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crafty and Cleaning Days

I spent yesterday visiting a friend and playing with her grandbaby! Oh the fun we had. I love baby Claire and she is as sweet as pie. She is crawling and loves to follow you through the house. I realized while visiting that I really needed to clean my house! I'm not fond of cleaning and more into crafting. :) But Claire crawling on the floor was something she couldn't do if she were visiting me.

So today, I've been cleaning and I still have a lot more to do, but at least I don't have fur balls rolling like tumbleweeds any more! Need to steam mop and dust, I'll do that in the morning. I have turned my dining area into the crafting area and I spent a lot of the morning putting things back in their proper location.

While I vacuumed and puttered around, Asher curled up in the chair and napped. Puff hid in the bedroom, she doesn't really like the vacuum cleaner.

I took the leaf out of my dining room table, I find the more space available, the more I pile in that space. I still need to finish the borders on the baby quilts. I may attack them again this afternoon. My mitering is not going the way it should. After finding the top of my table, I pulled out my Matthew Precept study and did a couple of days worth. I haven't been diligent in doing this study. But I'm committed to finishing it and part two. I love these studies and I'm trying to ingest them slowly.

I kept seeing these denim baskets on Pinterest. So I made several. They were quick and very easy to make. I need to take to work and find homes for them.

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