Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

First, let me say happy mother's day to the few people who read my blog.

Today is a bittersweet day. I'm happy to celebrate my mom this day. She was such a wonderful lady. She was loving, kind, resourceful, funny, and caring. Mom taught me so much about life, how to love completely, laugh deeply, and squeeze every drop from the lemons we receive.

She and dad traveled all over the US. Dad's job carried them everywhere. I would visit and be amazed at how quickly she would know all the back roads and shortcuts. She would drive us all around for hours just to take photos or see a historical area. Carmen and I both now have a love of photography she instilled.

Mom, great-grand mother Hattie, and her mother passed down the gift of sewing. They were all wonderful seamstresses. G G Grandmother provided for her family by tailoring suits that were then shipped down river to Nashville and sold in shops there. I have a love of quilting today because of these moms in my family.

Mom showered us with love, she could lift what I thought were dark days. I didn't know how dark the days could be until we lost dad and then a few short years later her. But I know Carm and I grieve as deep as we were loved.

I miss her so.

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  1. I have the sweetest memories of our moms together. Granny Barb was my second mom. She never hesitated to put me in line when she thought I stepped out. She was always there when my mom needed a friend. She was at the birth of all but one of my children (I never let her live that one down! lol). You came from good stock girl and it shows. I am forever proud to have been raised by the best mom's ever~ Happy Mother's Day Mom's <3