Monday, September 12, 2011

Timely Posts

I realize the reason I haven't started a blog before this summer is that I don't have much to say. Some friends would disagree with that statement. :) I read a lot of blogs and follow them daily. But I'm just not as wordy or eloquent. Thus, only weekly posts here so far.

Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a Living Proof Simulcast. It was an awesome day of worship and study. We delved into a character study of Luke; who he was and how he came to be one of Christ's followers and a major contributor to the New Testament. I really enjoyed the study and it reminded me of vintage Beth Moore studies. Really felt drenched in the Holy Spirit.

Last night, I was noticing a light out of my blinds and realized it was the moon. So I drug my tripod outside and set it up. I didn't take any outstanding pictures, but I do have one to share.


I love the fact that I'm still learning to take my camera off program mode and use it in manual. This has been a major accomplishment for me. But I'm still learning the ins and outs of settings. I couldn't get the white balance right on the roses. The color is really blown out. I was really just playing with learning the depth of field on the lens I was using (50 mm prime 1:1.8) and didn't stress the color balance.

I am a horrible yard owner. I've let the weeds grow around my knock out roses. I really need to get outside and clip them away.

You can ALSO tell I'm a horrible yard owner by the fact that the second picture is of poke berries.  I've had many poke plants come up in the fence row flowers. I got tired of pulling them up and now I'm kind of glad I didn't pull up the last batch, the pink stems are gorgeous.

I also have had a rogue tomato plant grow right outside the porch. I pulled one up in the mulch by the front door and really thought to myself that I was nuts and there was no way I had a tomato plant growing in the mulch. But my yard laziness proved me sane. There are lots of little tomatoes on the plant I didn't pull up. I doubt they will develop enough to be eaten before the first frost. But I have gotten a good laugh at myself and God's humor. I had wanted to plant containers of tomatoes on the porch this spring and never got around to it. So He's making sure I get some tomatoes despite myself.

Be Blessed

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