Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Socks Are Wonderful

I'm loving my summer of socks. I've actually finished two pair and I'm through the heel of the first sock/third pair. I've learned the OMG Heel - One-needle Mock Gusset. I like the heel so far. I've only worn them around the house.

 I am sorry for photo placement. I can't get blogger to lay them out in any other manner. :(

I'm now learning the Fish Lips Kiss heel and I've knit the first sock and I loved how it fit when I tried it on.

I'm working to finish my Drachenfel before I start another shawl. I'm doing Stash Dash again this year and I really want to pull two other projects out of hibernation and get them finished. We'll see how that goes.

Summer has started off well and I have a professional development tomorrow and a two day workshop next week. I'm looking forward to both and hope to learn a lot.

My 2016 reading challenge is a little slow. I've clicked off several parts of the challenge. I've read two books published this year, a book I previously started (several of those actually) and reread a book (more than one actually).

I've planned several books to fill in the other gaps. I plan to read Grapes of Wrath for my banned book, To Kill a Mockingbird as a book suggested by my BFF, and Anne of Green Gables as the book published before I was born. Several books would fulfill multiple categories but I want to read as many books as possible. It is a reading more challenge. :)

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