Saturday, September 1, 2012

Compassion Blogging

I realize I don't have five people who read my blog, that's ok at the moment. But I have several things I'm passionate about and Jesus is at the very top of that list. I love the Lord and through working with my youth group at church, I became a Compassion Sponsor in 2007.

We went to a Student Life conference in December 2007. Student Life and the worship band really talked about how Compassion was changing lives. Our group was moved by the stories and wanted to sponsor a child. They asked the leaders what they should do and we said Pray! Talk to Jesus. ;)

One of the leaders and I made a Starbucks run and were praying for youth groups we encountered coming back into the auditorium (we were between sessions) and I commented on a big group circled up, holding hands and praying. It was very moving to see, no adults were with them. James recognized them first and said Hey that's our kids.  LOL It was a darkened hall and tons of teen groups around.

We joined them and realized they were praying for the children at the Compassion Sponsorship booth. It was so moving and after they finished they decided to sponsor not one child but two! I was so proud of them. I was so moved that I decided if they could do it, so could I!

I went through the sponsorship kits and because my heart is in Guatemala, I chose a lovely young girl, 6 yrs old and living in a small village north of Coban. I've been sponsoring her for almost 6 years. I've loved getting her messages and sending my own. Her photo is on my fridge and computer desktop. I would love to some day meet her on this earth, but I hope that through Compassion's love and Bible teaching I'll one day get to meet her in Heaven.

I'm proud to become a Compassion blogger. If you are one of my five regular readers, please consider sponsoring a Compassion Child! If you have found my blog through Compassion's links, Welcome and I hope you become as passionate of Compassion and Jesus as I am!

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