Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Friday!

Several years ago I found a pattern in a quilting magazine that I decided I had to make! It was for a purse and it used dishtowels. I purchased the necessary parts and pieces, but life happened and I never made the purses.

Today, I was cleaning out the shelves in the garage and found more handles I had purchased along with a couple of towels. I continued putting things away and purging others. I found a couple of dozen quilting magazines that needed to be purged. So after finishing the shelf I was on and putting things away, I sat down and went through the magazines.

I was diligent in keeping magazines that had two or more patterns in them and then pulled patterns from those that only had one pattern. As I went through them, I found the original pattern for the purses. After I finished with the magazines, I sat down at the sewing machine and finished two purses.

The taupe one had issues, the towels were shorter than the pattern called for and it made for a tight fit for the handle. But I loved how they turned out.

Fun Day!!!

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